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Beautiful solutions for every window!


No window is too difficult to cover! If you're looking for a great way to filter light in a room or provide privacy - then come by the store or set up a meeting with an in-store Designer to go over options that work best for you and your space.

We have books full of fabric choices, along with a display of the different style choices. 

We offer free quotes - all we need are measurements of the

window you are looking to cover. If you decide to go ahead with your order, we'll come take a check measure to ensure your blind fits just right!

If you would like to book a meeting time, email for questions or inquiries.


Drapery is a fantastic way to add interest in a room and soften the space.

Whether you go for a statement piece or have it tone-on-tone with your wall colour, we have something for everyone's style and taste! 

Our drapery is fully custom, with a solid rod cut to size and in your chosen metal colour, your desired topper and finial. We are able to quote on the spot with rough estimated measurements given by you! All we need is your window width (including your trim), ceiling height and the space left on either side of your window!

If you would like to book a meeting time to go over choices and fabrics,
email for questions or inquiries.

How To Measure For Blinds


All we need to quote your blind project is the inside trim width and height of your window.

We can quote you on the specific fabric you are interested in or use a mid-range fabric for your estimate. 

We will walk you through the different lifting mechanism options.

How To Measure For Drapes

A few additional measurements are needed when quoting drapery projects. We require the following measurements:

  • width of your window (outside trim to outside trim)

  • your floor to ceiling height

  • space to the left and right of your window


We also offer full installation of blinds and drapery to take your project right to the finish line! Ask a consultant about installation services. 

Walk-in customers welcome!
To set up a specific meeting time with a consultant, please email

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